Welcome to the new website of the National Procurement & Tender Administration (NPTA) of Guyana. Our objective has been to create a tool for the use of the public that is simple to use, and that is also simple to maintain even as it is secure.

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Topco V Procuring Entity Decision (200KB)

The Rules of the Bid Process Committee (180KB)

Award of the Bid Protest Committee (314KB)

Minutes of Tender Openings

Independent Administrative Procurement Complaints System (83KB)


About the NPTA

The mission of NPTA is to facilitate the establishment and implementation of regulatory environment conducive to transparency, economy, efficiency, openness, fairness and accountability in public sector procurement. [more]

National Procurement and Tender Administration Board
Main & Urquhart Streets, Georgetown, Guyana.
Tel Numbers: 227-0094, 223-7041, 223-7042